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Graham Arnold He wears a suit and all. The consistent quality of Fox Sports News is due in no small part to the resources boasted by Rupert Murdochs evil empire, of course. Far more so, its success is a byproduct of admirable restraint from producers no doubt tempted to import the American model wholesale, and talented presenters who dont indulge in bilious editorialising. Most just soberly relay the news, ask straightforward questions of guests, and shock horror actually listen to the answers. In large doses, the effect of this as background noise is slightly hypnotic, something youd never say of ESPNs revolving cast of blowhards. Admirable, because there is no real kudos to be had these days presenting an intellectually nourishing mix of reportage and analysis from actual experts (tennis fans will weep at Wally Masurs disappearance now he has moved on to Tennis Australia HQ). Fox do it day after day. At their best as per, say, their humane and human treatment of the Phillip Hughes and Phil Walsh tragedies Fox produce some of the most thorough and informative coverage of sport available in Australia. How readily we come to accept US-style bluster in place of cold hard facts remains to be seen, but while Fox and their ilk are still sending reporters all over the country filing stories on location, and calling upon people who actually know what they are talking about, we should be thankful.

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